I love the concept of earthing and love this name for it far more than that of grounding which I had always called it until recently when I learned that there was a “fast-growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health” (see, something that seems obvious to me.  My children and I choose to walk barefoot as much as possible, and get plenty of vitamin G all year round, but with the summer as a fabulous time for being close to the earth and grounded.


When my son was really wee, too young for shoes, we were actually told off for letting him ‘walk’ barefoot as we helped him round, and it just seems completely mad that the natural way, barefoot, is seen as wrong.  He is now old enough to choose and loves to go barefoot and is quite capable of walking well without shoes, as, I feel, he should be. I walk barefoot with him and he knows how to choose the least rough ground to walk over, and how to keep connected with the ground in watching where hes walking. I watch for him too, of course in town to make sure for glass or anything else horrid, but we have not yet had a problem. There was once a splinter in a garden and he learnt well from that, waiting bravely and patiently for it to be removed by Daddy.  As we walk we see the little creatures too, and know to move out of their way.  It is this watching where you walk that brings connection to the earth and keeps your feet on the ground, as well as developing strength, bravery and compassion.

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