The house on a hill

DSCN2247Our house on a hill needed much work when we moved in and Ryan’s had a fast learning curve of skills, from plumbing in a toilet on the first day, to building a huge fence round the garden to keep the children out of the river and the road, to wiring and electrics and fixing just about everything in the house including the roof and completely reclaiming the land from the forest. He loves new skills and although a lot of it has been stressful and really hard, it has also meant that we really know the house, and he’s really put his whole heart into building it up to his own high standards. Its also meant the children and the extended family too have been involved in building our homeland.  Both Grandad and Pops have been integral to it, Grandad helping with the epic fence, and Pops with the electric to the workshed, and all of the grandparents have been out working on the land this year.  The children have loved it.  Probably the most fun was laying the grass seed on the slope and watering it with their watershooters from a bucket.  And Jack talks about it all now, all the hard work it was for Daddy to start with with the rotovater and how different it is now.  They’ve seen the land be reclaimed and how the seeds grew the grass.  And, I think it gives them a depth of grounding and growing roots of their own, in their home we are building up together.  We have a song we made that goes “ there’s a hole in the roof but its ok, cos were fixing it, there’s a hole in the wall but its ok, cos were fixing it…”and so on.  Its our home and we love it.

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