Caring about animals

Its really important to me that my children are raised with a deep inset care for animals, living close to them and knowing how and why to care for them.  As a VN I want them to be able to know how to help heal them and as a Rasta I want them to want to help heal them.  We live in the woods so they see bird life and squirrels every day, and I hope one day soon to have animals here – guinea fowl and goats and a dog and cats. When we first came to the house on the hill to view it as potential buyers I could just see the children playing in the yard that the kitchen looks out on to, with a little terrier just like our last dog Basil who we miss so much. This house needs a dog, to keep the mice away and to run free on the hill, and it certainly needs guinea fowl or chickens to keep the summer tick population at bay( the downside of living where the wildlife come down from the forest to eat our grass).  And the children need animals to care for and to love.  We miss our pet rabbits and our dogs and if we are settled we should adopt some animals to love.



But, until then we learn. We visit animal sanctuaries and we watch documentaries and shows. The Octonaughts is fantastic for making marine life really exciting for the children and they loved meeting Peso at the Gweek Seal Sanctuary.   We discuss animals all the time, most regularly concerning our vegan lifestyle and the children are very aware that they are Diplodocus while some of the friends are TRex and that this is fine.  As they get older I will teach them animal welfare, animal ethics and animal health and first aid. We will learn to identify the birds that we see in the forest and the yard and we will love seeing the animals and birds of Africa and discussing how different they are from Cornish wildlife. So many adventures to come.

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