We are so blessed in Cornwall to have Eden here, and its the perfect place for earth schooling full of education, adventure and play spaces.  The Eden Project local pass is incredible value and we can go as much as we want all year round.  The children love it and there is always new things happening to get involved with, it really is a place of magic for them every time.

My favourite place is the house in the rainforest which feels like being in Cambodia which I love, and is a great place to rest and let the children play.  The whole rainforest is incredible and they learn so much, with the learning areas making favourite fun places for them each time.  Whether investigating rubber, banana plants, coffee growing or spices of the world each space gets attention every time and they are really immersed in their learning.

And then you get a whole new world opened up when you go with new friends for the first time, as everyone does Eden differently. Seeing what others do teaches us new things, how does the cloud work, and how quick does your hair dry when you soak it at the top of the rainforest.  Finding new places is part of the fun and since Eden changes itself there is always the element of excitement and discovery.

Last week they learned about archaeology and dragons, making movies and prehistoric man.  In the past we’ve seen the incredible dinosaur displays and the space one, each creating a fully involved and lifelike experience – its inspirational for children.  The story telling in the Mediterranean gives the children a chance to rest and refuel and listen to stories they would never hear -whether ancient legends or new ones written by staff – they are engrossed and engaged and loving it.

And this is why I am so glad we have the time, the time to go round at our pace, stopping when we need to and returning again and again to get to see each display properly and even repetitively. For that’s how they really get to learn, how they enjoy it.  In a one off trip with school or on holiday there would be no time to stop and stare.


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