Going vegan

I thought it would be hard to go vegan. It was hard when I tried 10 or so years ago and failed. But this time it was easy.  There is so so much here in this little corner of Cornwall that I dont even notice the change. And I am surprised and unprepared when I find a cafe with no vegan cake option, or nothing much vegan on the menu.  Ive really become accustomed to having plenty of choice in Perranporth and the villages close by, so much so that being vegan is no problem at all.

London, of course is fine too, there is plenty of vegan choice there, and anywhere that’s a chain has noticed the massive upsurge in veganism and is happy to accommodate in sensible customer pleasing fashion. I hope that South Africa has a good range of vegan deliciousness and from the look of it and the social media chat of South African veganism it does.  We can even order from a few different vegan food companies to get delivery so hoping all will be well.  We shall look forward to finding out.


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