Finding our vegany way round the South African supermarkets

pick_n_paySouth Africa is fab for vegans – we’ve done fine with little effort of finding what the shops have thats vegan – I even found a vegan magazine in Pick and Pay! There must be other vegans in the area and this is known as proper Red Meat Country so maybe things are slowly changing. The supermarkets have a range of soymilks and almond milks, and our local Super spar has a great range of chia seeds, sunflower seeds, chickpeas etc and there are fabulous butternet falafal things from Frys as well as veggie sausages and burgers in the frozen section, and even soy mince which has been great for chillies.  The down side of that, and alot of other things is all the msg and additives that seem to be in everything here but the specialist stuff like Frys is all ok for that.  Weve not yet seen vegan cheese although I hear theres plenty on the bigger cities, but we can get deliverys of violife and other delightful cheeses and yogurts and all so being vegan has been fine. It took a while to find it all and get organised, during which time the children have been having cow cheese but now we should be ok!

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