Moving to South Africa with children

IMG_0491So, we’ve now been here in Matat for a month and, although still dealing with admin and organising things slowly, we are pretty set up and settled. Turns out you can buy anything ever children might need in the shops and we now even have a blender to make humous so our middleclassishness hasn’t changed at all. We are definitely the massive poshos with our shiney new car, a Terios with number plates MR GP, and our western level of water usage with the washing machine. The house is great, I say that only now that the sewage problems over and probably before the summer hits and the insects come out of the walls, we’ve had a few cockroaches so far and my peaceful attitude to Gods creatures has not, I have to say, extended to these. Living on a hospital certainly has its pros and its cons but its ok. Getting to this point has been tricky, travelling with children a ho har and trying to ensure their needs are met is hard. But we’ve made it, we have settled in and were here for a time. We shall see how it goes!

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