The Protests in Town

I drove down Main Street after school the other day to go get a permit for the reserve and saw this, took a quick left and headed down a different way.  The protests were clearly escalating and yet it was nice that they no longer worried me as they used to back when we first arrived. It was more worrying to arrive at the permit office – a municipality building – the targets of the protests – and find Lillian, whose in charge of the permits, in a panic. She hastily shuffled us out as was closing to escape the protests, with a “Its not safe for the children here”. So we left, and she said she’d leave us a permit there the next day. Shes a superstar because she did and we managed to squeeze in forest school at Jelly Bean Pool while the protesters were in court. Im not too sure what the protests are about, its supposed to be the roads, but seems extremely violent for this – with grenades and fires and destruction and serious with cutting the electric and water supplies.  The police seem to be taking a very militant stance on it though too, with tear gas and plastic bullets and plenty of arrests. I hope it can resolve soon, Im not sure how you can escalate further from that so can only hope for a peaceful resolution soon.


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