Our daily rhythm in Africa

Much as I love freeplay I also really love a routine, to make sure I know what Im doing, and so the children flow easily from different activities, and because they find great comfort in knowing exactly whats happening the next day. So we are currently going to Crossroads three mornings a week, starting early with learning circle time and going on the rotating activities and stories and playtime in their amazing playground. After that we do home school till lunch, then stories on the sofa until abit more learning and then garden play and/or up to the park off the paediatric ward once the hospital quietens down at 4. The times flow easy and their may well be interruptions and changes to the day, but if we can stick with it as best as possible then all is well. Thursdays in forest school day at Jelly Bean Pool and pick up the shopping and friday is lazy friday with yoga if we are going away for the weekend, or yoga and casandras if not, where they can run and play. Jacks favourite part of the day is the extra time he gets to stay up with daddy for learning time, where he gets to learn about the really cool stuff – currently completing the experiments from a book on the science on magic we found in the library!


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