Sensory walk

We are studying the senses at school at the moment so decided to do a sensory walk for the children, at the suggestion of Niki Willows our forest school teacher.  Resources, time and space are limited so we did a small indoor version where we could take over the carpet activity with one.  The children are well used to running around outdoors with no shoes on but were all intrugued by the indoor sensory walk idea, and the feelings on their feet.  I used three cardboard boxes, each with a different thing in it for them to walk on. Crunchy paper, soft cotton wool, and bumpy bubble wrap.   I could have done more but didnt want to go messy when inside the small school room or get their clothes messed up.  The children loved it, and were drawn to bumpy bubble wrap and the soft cotton wool.  We learned that we can feel with our feet and face as well as our hands and they liked the different textures and thinking what else was bumpy and soft – the carpet, their hair etc.  It was really interesting to see how the game evolved with different childrens ideas.  Nkholetsong quickly invented a game of walking through each box and counting to ten and jump out, and this was quickly picked up with their others in her group.  They loved it and it was great how senses had evolved into a counting and movement game.  Abesesinwe, Willows friend, invented a different game, hiding under a box and showing her eyes, nose and mouth for the different senses.  Willow picked up this with her and they had a great time.  So, while my game was short and limited, the children just completely owned it and made it better.

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