Back for a Cornish winter holiday

IMG_1050Weve come back to Cornwall for a two week holiday, just me and the children as Ryan cant be spared from the hospital – in fact they are now telling him there will be no annual leave at all and hel be fined for taking a week to Cape Town last month! But for the rest of us a trip to Cornwall is fabulous, and we are fortunate enough to have come back in a storm so we are well and truely getting a break from the 36 degree heat and getting our heads a proper shower.  Obviously Cornwall is amazing, and its great how the kids have gone straight back to Cornish ways, seeing their friends, rediscovering all their toys and having endless stories by the fire from Nanny and Grandad.  Its been great and Im glad being away hasnt made them love it here any less. Things will be ok for them when they get back, their friends and groups will still be here, theyl be settled and happy and all should be well.  It does highlight the real problem with Matat and thats the lack of outdoor play for them, I shall to try harder to address that. Here they can play for hours on the beach – until they get their feet wet and they start to freeze – or they can have forest school with friends climbing trees and making mud cakes.  Matat is so hot and its so unsafe the play places are limited.  We shall have to get back into our own forest school in Jelly Bean Pool – Id gone off that because it takes such effort to get a permit – with half an hour of the office staff teasing the children its a bit much to put them through – but perhaps we can work on that to get back in the Reserve.  But for now its wonderful to be back, really fun, Cornwall really is the best place in the world and were really lucky to have our home here. Itl be great to come back for good.  Yet, Im also missing the Matat crew, as I knew I would, and the vastly different world of South Africa, its unreal to think of Ryan and everyone back there in the unbearable heat while we are here enjoying the sound of the rain and the waves of a Cornish storm.

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