Making Changes

I’ve decided that we should move out abit from the hospital as its not a great environment for the children. With patients everywhere its so busy and it doesnt have the safest or nicest vibe for little children, and its just so noisy. There is no peace as we are right on the main road in Matat and right next to the security gate and opposite casualty so its a constant run of noise and all go.  Outside our garden to the main road side is a regular taxi drop off and its where everyone uses for a toilet, so some really not great views for children! Just a level of inappropriateness that you normalise when you live there but going back to the UK made me decide its just not ok for kids. And then theres the patients that kept coming in the garden. A better lock helped with that, but over all we needed a change. So, will see how we go over Christmas where we have booked a fab farmhouse in the mountains of Cederville and then plan A is to our 3 school days in Matat to concentrate on indoor learning – our Xhosa, our art and craft and our reading eggs etc, and then the rest of the week in the farmhouse for proper outdoor time and forest school style fun. Will see how Plan A goes, fingers crossed!

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