Christmas at Cedarberg

OBNF4030The church in Cedarville is a lovely old barn style building with tin roof and wooden beams.  The children play on the steps out front and its all very simple and true of heart.  Christmas morning was nice there, many people we know and the hymns were an Afrikaans English mix and the children behaved.  Then, back up to the farmhouse at the Cedarberg Guest farm where we plan to stay as our escape from Taylor Bequest.  Its lovely, surrounded by trees, up high in the mountains and perfectly peaceful.  The occasional sound of a donkey or a cow is the only noise and its a complete world away from the hospital.  The insects are extreme so far out in the country but then the cockroaches were crawling the walls in Matat anyway so our standards have shifted abit anyway.  It was the perfect place to spend Christmas and we had a braai cooked Chrismas dinner in proper South African style.  Even the roast potatoes worked perfectly and all was well.  Our homemade Christmas tree and our decorations made from pine cones from the garden mixed with tinsel from Game were perfect and the children had a great time.  The farmhouse has a fire so even Father Christmas managed to visit and the day was full of excitement and joy.  Well, as with all days in SA there were ups and downs – Jack got stung by a huge wasp thing so that wasnt so good but all in all it was fun.  A very very hot Christmas but a very very peaceful one.

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