And just stood on a cobra. In flip flops.

Homeschool in Africa has been great, especially fun out on the farm now as we can adventure anywhere and the children get to run free  But in climbing up the mountain secret passages made in rock in the farm I just stood on a snake. In my flip flops. Children screamed. It slithered away. We made a hasty departure from the mountain. And went to google it of course. It was black and bright yellow stripes, pretty distinctive and quite big.  Google soon told us it was a ring necked spitting cobra, or Rinkhal, a venamous snake that has a 2.5m spitting distance with its neurotoxic and cytotoxic venom for which there is not yet an antivenom. Woah. So was glad I stood on its tail and not its face, and really glad I was walking at the front at that point and not Jack (although he was in boots). So wont be exploring the mountain secret passages of the farm during snake season again. But, it did give us a great opportunity to learn about snakes and the children straight away played snakes making them out of socks on their hand! Pretty scary after reading google, but definitely not as bad as that terantula.elapidae_-_hemachatus_haemachatus

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