Back to School

IMG_1362Theres been changes going back to school after the Christmas holidays, some positive and some negative. Weve said goodbye to two of the children who have got in to the mainstream school in town, great for them of course as they are ready, but we will miss them. The class seems particularly quiet without them and their fun filled play. One friend Jacks age does remain while she waits for a birth certificate and her place at big school too. But, the positives have been huge – Taz has fabulously painted the yard outside the classroom with number games and jumping games and a whole motorbike track and bought little red motorbikes to go round it, which they all absolutely love. And, of course,  its a whole new school year for SA as it goes opposite to the UK as weve just had the summer holidays not just Christmas.  So a new class has started at school the Blue class, the littlies, the three year olds. They are very very cute. As such we start later, the Red Class, which is a huge help for me as I no longer have to rush out the door but start at 8.45 instead of 8 which is great.  But the best bit of all with this later start is we arrive at the time when the Mammas are singing with the babies in the hall.  And its beautiful.  Proper epic Africa singing.  I love it, its a great start to the day.  I believe the nurses do it in the hospital in early morning starts and I can see why.  Its fantastic and makes me remember that this is still Africa and Africa is great.  We are so blessed to be able to attend this little preschool and I know I will miss all the children dreadfully when we leave.

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