Swings for the win

Nikki Willows put up this article in surprise on facebook today, https://letgrow.org/day-care-removes-swings-so-kids-wont-be-tempted-to-play-instead-of-study/?fbclid=IwAR3UxVKgrpHcE3tE370iuP_0cRWAVxIGV284MOlwRQyfhtcDKPQq1rya88U

My comment was equally in surprise, or would be a Haibo in Xhosa, this –

Goodness!How awful! This week I’ve been busy teaching left and right with swings. The kids love it! And we are always doing countdowns on swings. And we’ve done loads of body parts practice with swings and crocodiles eating them! In fact now I think about it I think every theme we’ve done has something we can bring into the swing fun. One of the little boys top favourite ways of learning is while swinging! He totally comes to life and is laughing and laughing! Swings should always be used for learning, schools should be putting more in – there’s never enough – but that’s another thing they teach, patience and kindness and taking turns. Yes swings for the win.


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