Crazy Contrasts

SA is a crazy land of contrast with a mad sad difference between rich and poor.  Most people have to wait for payday before bringing their seriously sick children into hospital.   Yet for everyone else there is no way they’d go to our hospital and take a 4 hour trip to Durban instead.   Its completely no problem to find luxury things like fancy chocolates and icecream in the supermarkets (have to drive a hour to Kokstad for humous through!) yet there are queues of children coming into the hospital with malnutrition.  Children twice the age of Willow yet smaller and thinner than her.  Mums with no money to get home so they just stay there.  Such economical contrast it makes for a very dispairing place to be.  The contrast is hard to deal with, I feel guilty as we take our childrens’ bikes out to play in the hospital.  They are oblivious to the contrast in their fun as they cycle round outside the morgue or the sexual assault clinic but we are so aware of it and makes for guilt at having so much compete with the guilt at not enabling enough fun for the children.  I think they are doing ok now but for the so many children of the Eastern Cape there needs to be some kind of major change at a political level to sort things out.

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