They Dont Know

Just listening to a Chronixx track I hadnt heard before, “They Dont Know” and it says “They see me smile but they dont know what I feel inside”. Feels like thats how people here must think when they smile a Molo or a Morning to me, I can never know how it is to live with such injustice as it is here. So much guilt here as I have so so much and so many have nothing. Ive no idea how the injustice can be fixed, seems like a long way off for economic equality. I feel guilty all the time that I have so much, and that at 14 I was not doing anything to end apartheid.You can say it was far away and I was young but you see Greta Thunberg doing amazing stuff just now and feel guilty I never did. And still do not.  But what to do to change this inbalance here? I dont know.

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