Top Three?

Today Ryan’s AHP representatives arrived to check out the hospital and asked him what the top three things about the hospital were – he couldn’t answer that easily of course.  So trying to think for us what wold be the top three things of the whole time here.  Number one has to be the Friends, Friends! Our crew is fab and we couldnt have done it without the other families here thats been a massive life saver and has been so important for the kids especially – having Josh & Penny next door and Alec & Finn over the road has really made it for the kids.  Number two has to be the weekend shenanegans and getting out of the hospital for fun times away in Africa – the beach, the mountains and the forest.  Although it seems mad to get a holiday every single weekend we have to get Ryan out of the hospital or hed just keep on working and the kids need to get out and do some fun!  Number three is Crossroads.  Couldnt have managed without Crossroads so forever grateful for Liz and for Taz and for their kindness in welcoming us to the school and all the staff and children there, its been amazing and I will miss it and all the children so much! Its been great getting to know them all and seeing how much theyve grown up over the last year. As the older three have moved on, the younger ones have really stepped up and come into their own.  Jacks too wild for the class now but theyve learned alot and We have loved it.

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