Rhodes Memorial


Going to Rhodes Memorial with Dad and the fam was one of the most fun places to visit in Cape Town. Whereas most places were busy with tourists the memorial was peaceful and deserted with only us to run around it. It felt quite Angor Wat for its enormity and the stone steps go high to the sky. You can see right over Cape Town and its beautiful.  And its also totally child friendly since you can part right there and they can run around and explore without a worry of getting lost since its empty. We wondered if it was empty due to it being Rhodes’ memorial and no longer ok, but perhaps it was just a good time of day for avoiding the coaches!  For me the cool thing was that we had a photo of Grandpa young and posing there in black and white. We took a photo of Dad in the same spot and thought about how different South Africa must have been when he and Grandma were here, before apartheid and a world away from how it is now. Yet some spots, like this memorial, were exactly the same.

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