Vegan Delivery

Ive been super blessed this year with finding Pink Piggy lifestyle special delicious vegan delivery.  They will deliver on a wednesday and bring delicious things including plenty of vegan cheese.  I love them and can not thank them enough for making it super easy to be vegan in South Africa even in “Red Meat Country” of Matat.  We do have vegan sausages and veggie fingers and veggie nuggets so do ok for vegan food between Sondelas, Pick and Pay and Superspar,  but no vegan cheese or marshmellows. So very pleased to get my Pink Piggy orders and Cherise the boss usually puts in a freebie which is extra fabulous! Their wonderful rotis have even got Jack into eating curry as he loves the eating with hands way we do with them like Ethiopian food. Fantastic food from them and I will miss them when we are back in the UK! I totally think that the way to make the world vegan is through delicious treats so think they are doing fabulous at changing the way people eat, something that is so so important for animals, people and the earth.  We all need to go vegan to combat climate change immediately, and Pink Piggy is definitely helping spread fabulous vegan food in SA.Check them out at

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