Earthschooling in Lesotho – Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs has been a big theme of ours this year thanks to Andy’s dinosaurs and so we had to take the chance to go and see real dinosaur footprints just over the border in Lesotho.  This was a great adventure that they were looking forward to for ages and at last we got a chance when we had the Easter weekend so enough time off to do it. Its just an hour up the mountains from Matat to Qachas Nek and the border and then another 3 and a half hours drive down to Quthing and the valley where the dinosaurs left their footprints.  We drove straight there, the children completely engaged the whole way in looking out the windows and seeing Lesotho.  It was really really epic beautiful, huge mountains, a proper dragon kingdom.  And the houses or rondavels looking really scenic too. Kind of like South Africa without the barbed wire.  Everyone wore Lesotho blankets and people galloped along the road in blankets and balaclavas.  The footprint museum was actually closed – of course being Easter weekend and us the only tourists in sight.  But we were able to look in through the chicken wire and see the footprints no problem.  The children loved it and it was a great opportunity for earth schooling so really really worth the drive.

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