Back Home

We are now back home and loving Cornish life again, getting things sorted and enjoying a proper rest and relax time before it all gets all go again.  Ive been addicted to Elly Griffiths Dr Ruth Galloway novels all summer and Ryans been catching up on his computer games. Jacks been getting up early to play Minecraft and Willows starting on Reading eggs, shes now reading “I am Sam” keenly and playing schools every day.  We miss some things about SA, Cederberg farm definitely and Ingrid and the horses – watching Heartlands when im not reading and googling horses for sale! Willow misses the frangipanis of Shelly Beach and hopes for an SA holiday sometime soon.  Weve had beach adventures and river adventures and a whole lot of relaxing.  And weve been getting organised for the idea of trialing school in September.  I loved homeschooling and think it was very positive academically and wont be worried about going back to it if we do decide schools not for us.  But in SA the kids were used to playing with friends every day and are craving nonstop friend fun now we are back.  So from a social perspective I think they will love school and wel see how we go.  I imagine there will be plenty of pros and cons either way but at the moment we are all quite excited to give it a go.  I mostly dont like the idea of shoes all day – I miss Crossroads and how its normal to not wear shoes to school.  But the new school is tiny and fab and Willow is going just 4 mornings a week as shes still so little, so Im happy with that.  Shes mostly excited to start ballet with her cousin in September! Fun times ahead and will see how we go one term at a time.IMG_2090

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