Back Home

We are now back home and loving Cornish life again, getting things sorted and enjoying a proper rest and relax … More


Jack spent alot of time inventing while in Africa – having few toys was great for creativity and he loved … More

Earthschooling with Andy

Andy’s dinosaurs from cebebbies is epic for learning about dinosaurs.  When we went up to London for our visa applications … More

Peace and outdoors

Writing about Khotso made me think about how much place impacts on livity.  On everything.  Having peace and outdoor safe … More


Khotso which means Peace is the greeting in Lesotho.  And its also the name of the backpackers we love up … More

The wild workload

Ryans workload is wild – hes currently still not in and and now over 36 hours and ongoing.  Hes had … More