Homeschooling again

We love our school and the new friends we’ve made since starting after Africa but its been really really lovely … More

Back Home

We are now back home and loving Cornish life again, getting things sorted and enjoying a proper rest and relax … More

Going vegan

I thought it would be hard to go vegan. It was hard when I tried 10 or so years ago … More


We are so blessed in Cornwall to have Eden here, and its the perfect place for earth schooling full of … More

Caring about animals

Its really important to me that my children are raised with a deep inset care for animals, living close to … More

Apple harvest day

We are having the first apple day here this week, where our neighbours are coming round with their apple harvest … More

The house on a hill

Our house on a hill needed much work when we moved in and Ryan’s had a fast learning curve of … More


I love the concept of earthing and love this name for it far more than that of grounding which I … More